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Office Process
  Dale Meyer Associates is made up of professionals: including architects, interior designers, administration and support staff. A typical project team, (made up of a Principal, a Project Manager, and support professionals) is formed at the start of a commission and remains actively involved though construction. When necessary, special research studies are conducted to assure the client the most appropriate and energy efficient that meets current building codes and standards.

For structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering, we select the most appropriate of the many consultants available to us. This arrangement is not only efficient and cost effective; it allows the selection of a firm whose style of operation is similar to our own.

Dale Meyer Associates is thoroughly up to date in our production and operation methods: administration, project management and drafting are computer based. We select between two-dimensional or three-dimensional CAD, according to the demands of the project. Then incorporate computer generated details and graphics into our production process.

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